Our services

Tree Removal: Salter's Treeman removes dead, diseased, hazardous, and unwanted trees with an emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction. We have the proper equipment and experience to remove any tree in every scenario. No tree is too big or too inaccessible for Salter's Treeman.

Tree Trimming: Utilizing bucket trucks, boom trucks, and climbing techniques Salter's Treeman is able to prune limbs away from other trees, houses, and power-lines without damaging the surrounding structures. 

24/7 Emergency Services: ​Salter's Treeman is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to alliviate storm damage from your house. We are experienced in removing trees off of houses and deal with insurance companies directly.

Insurance Claims: We deal directly with the insurance company for payment and handle all necessary paperwork.

Brush Clearing: Salter's Treeman has the equipment to bush hog and manually clear wooded lots to improve their value or expand potential uses for the said land. We can haul off and chip up the mess so you aren't left with unsightly piles of debris!

Stumo Grinding: We grind our own stumps, which allows us to guarantee your satisfaction, rather than handing off the work to another company. Do you have unsightly stumps that someone else left behind? No problem--we can give you an estimate to grind those too!

​Sub-Contracting:  It is not uncommon for grading companies, landscaping companies, grinding companies, even other tree services to sub-contract Salter's Treeman to remove dangerous and hazardous trees. 

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